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  1. 10 People I’d Want to Meet

    March 26, 2013 by dragonman9

    1. I would want to meet Neil Armstrong. If I could,  I would ask him,” What is it like on the moon? ”

    2. I would also want to meet Bach. I would ask him ” How are you so good at the piano? ”

    3. After that I’d want to meet Beethoven. I would ask him,” How did you get so good at writing music when you were deaf? ”

    4. Next,  I would want  to see my 
    again. He died some  years ago. I would ask him

    ” What is it like dying, do you just poof into heaven or did angels take you there? ”

    5. After that, I would want to meet Babe Ruth and ask him,” How did you learn to play baseball so well? ”

    6. Then,  I would meet Zworkykon, the man who invented color television. I would ask him,

    ” How did you come up with such an advanced form of technology? ”

    7. Next, I would want to see Vincent Van Gogh. I’d ask him, ” How were your inspired to paint? ”

    8. After that I would  want to meet Moses. I’d ask him “What is it like being used by God? ”

    9. After that I’d like to see the Ringling brothers . I’d ask them ” What is it like running the most famous circus ever? Is it very hard? ”

    10. Finally’ I’d want to see Chris Moris, the man who invented video games. I’d ask him ” How’d you think of controlling the screen that is genius and really fun. “speech
    Photo Credit: Tim Morgan via Compfight


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